Trip Advisor Recommends the Nambe Trading Post

Pot over garden gate Nambe 2014

This was my first trip out west to NM. I love all the architecture, pottery, silver work that fill the area. But after a couple days of site seeing and shopping, everything began to feel the same. Cheap commercial replicas of Native American art and jewelry – or the real deal, 300 year old stuff that cost thousands of dollars. The Nambe Trading Post was my best shopping experience while there. A stunning little gallery of old and new tucked in the wooded nook of a road just outside Santa Fe. The building it is housed in is a terrific looking cabin with a wooden troth out front and wild flowers. Inside, there are amazing Native American artifacts – jewelry, weavings, head dresses, beadwork. There is also an incredible display of newer silver jewelry and artwork by the owner and her daughter. Not the typical looking stuff you find all over, but thoughtful and unique pieces of art. Can’t wait to visit again!

Visited October 2014 from Brooklyn, NY
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