Sacred Pejuta (Medicine) for These Times

In these uncertain times we wish to share what can be of help:
We carry the real wildcrafted sacred herbs used for healing, purifying & smudging in Indian country.

The Elders of our indigenous communities say :
This virus has a spirit,
just like fear has a spirit.
Do not feed it fear.
Use your medicines~
Sage, Sweetgrass, cedar.
Tell them what you need, as you burn them.
Smudge yourself & your home,
make tea, pray as you use it !

We have a limited supply of REAL SACRED SAGE handpicked last year, by our own hands, on our Lakota homeland, in the Black Hills.
We also have SWEET GRASS from the Cree, wildcrafted CHOKECHERRY TEA and BUFFALO “WASNA” OR PEMMICAN (dried pounded buffalo & dried berries) Great on a hike.
We have put together 3 SELECTIONS that can be shipped at low cost via USPS Priority envelope.

Black Hills Sage & Canadian Cree Sweetgrass:  $30. (shipping included)


Sage, Sweetgrass &  wildcrafted Chokecherry Tea   $35.00( includes shipping)

Sage, Sweetgrass, & Buffalo wasna  (Pemmican)   $35.00  (shipping included)



For prices click on photos.
Questions/concerns please  e mail us @

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