About Us

The ambiance of an historic NM trading post has recently been restored to the 75 year old Nambe Trading Post.

The new curator, Cathy Smith, Emmy award winning costumer (of Dances with Wolves and 35 other Westerns) has brought back the charm and authenticity of this historic location. Her partner is Jennifer Jesse Smith, highly collected jewelry designer and silver smith

Movie costumes from the award winning Westerns Smith has costumed accent the collection of Navajo weavings – antique and contemporary, pueblo pottery, Zuni katsinas, and old pawn jewelry, as well as fine jewelry, paintings, & micaceous cookware by local artists working in traditional styles.

Moccasins, craft supplies, antique Venetian seed beads and buckskin are available as well. Classes are offered in beadwork, moccasin making, pueblo pottery, & bow making.

Tour groups are welcome: Smith offers Gallery tours and talks, catered luncheons on the portal, and artist demonstrations and workshops.

Come spend an afternoon in the agricultural village of Nambe Pueblo, relax with a cold drink on the portal, and experience a uniquely regional shopping experience, handpicked by Cathy Smith – from the best of Hollywood’s Westerns and the finest local artisans.

2 Responses to About Us

  1. Teri Hucker says:

    A fb friend directed me to you as I’m looking for someone who can make me a replica of “Stands With Fist” dress. The first one in the film that she wore without any beading,shells or teeth. It’s all one color (buckskin) with lots of fringe, around the selves, on both side seams, long at the bottom and fringe also where the bodice meets the dress. I’m also wanting the belt and tall moccasins to go with it. Size medium. I’m 5’6″ and like the longer dress like the ones you make. Don’t care for the shorter ones. If I decide I want any beads I’ll do it myself as I do beadwork. If you could send me an approximate price for the dress, the belt at least a yard long so I can wrap it and tuck, and the moccasins sz 81/2. I’d appreciate it. Also how long it would take to make it. I am 1/8 native and would like to start participating in rendezvous/living history events. You can always text me@ pioneerspiritlady@yahoo.com

    Thank you so much,
    Teri Hucker

  2. Chuck Lewis says:

    Santa Fe’s best kept secret! Beautiful art work exquisite jewelry! A must see when in the Santa Fe area!

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