Each piece of heritage jewelry is hand picked and will only increase in value with age.

We carry a great selection of Old Pawn Jewelry, Navajo and Zuni jewelry by “old school” luminaries of the silver smith trade, and the wonderfully designed jewelry of Jennifer Jesse Smith.

Turquoise is now the rarest gem stone according to National Geographic Magazine:   All of our turquoise is natural and untreated.  We can tell you what mine it came from and who made it!


4 Responses to Jewelry

  1. Jean Marie Hurrell, formally Miss Smith says:

    I LOVE the split tail swallow silver earrings with a touch of turquoise my Father picked out for me, and also thank you so very much for your well wishes on our journey, it was a treat to meet you and I enjoys your pieces every day. Hope to see you again someday, if I can ever get back to Nambe’

  2. Patricia Ernst says:

    We were so pleased to visit your trading post last month. I am looking for a silver cross pendant for my grandson’s 16th birthday. Do you have anything that you have made that would be appropriate?

  3. Joan Gaudet says:

    I was in your store last September. Absolutely love your store. Do you still have the silver sand cast bracelet with horses?

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