JJS Fine Jewelry

Jennifer Jesse Smith Brand: Fine Jewelry ~ Talismans and adornments in fine metals and exotic gem stones. Designed with an eye for depth, beauty, historical mythos and meaning. Sculpted, handcrafted and exquisitely lost wax casted. All my Jewelry tells it’s own unique story, that is carried forth by the wearer and continues it’s inspired story~ Always Rock N’ Roll and couture inspired – bug grounded in my Lakota heritage.

Designed and made in the USA


The Inspiration for my latest “The Fire Bird and Exotic Fire Flower Asymmetrical Earrings” came from Russian Fairytales that my Mother Cathy Smith read to me. My Childhood is my biggest draw along with travel. In Italy there are so many beautiful Asymmetrical designs everywhere.  In sterling and precious stones.

Northern Plains Warrior Shields are the basis for these pendants and bolo ties:

Jennifer Jesse Smith has a new holiday collection this season.  Don’t miss i!

Venice inspired gold and silver fine jewelry for Christmas.



  Sterling Silver Raven feather strung on hand cut Ruby beads




The Woman’s Coin inspired by the times we live in.

JJJ Morning Star Naja Montage copyStar Bird & Kiowa Dragonfly Rings 2014

JJS Morning Star Squashblossom                     Starbird Ring – Dragonfly Ring w/Hand Naja

Juergen Indian Skull BB CU                                         Native Worthy Skull Buckle


Small Raven Feathers 2014IMG_3684

Light as a Raven Feather Earrings                     I Feel MyStar Earrings

10576931_689398664487021_3480857753898503305_n                                            JJS Signature Squashblossom


The New Jennifer Jesse Smith line of fine jewelry,  inspired by the Iconic Fred Harvey of Route 66 Fame!

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