micaceous cooking pots


Our local clay contains mica, giving these pots sparkle and shine.  Judy Kaufman and Ann Mumford are the potters – who hand coil, burnish with a stone, and pit-fire these beautiful vessels.  Made for cooking on wood, gas, or electric burner or oven, they make the most unbelievably good pot of beans!  Price range: $15 for bowl up to $300 for a large bean pot.

Black bean pot

Black bean pot

Red bean pot with fire clouds.

Red bean pot with fire clouds.




Altar Bowls

 by Third Generation Potter DENISE LYNCH

Denise owns the ancient Pueblo Blanco clay mine near Galisteo,NM

where she digs the amazing clay which make her sacred vessels


Lightning Bowl

2 Responses to Pottery

  1. Catherine D Smith says:

    Hello, do you have a website I can place an order?

    • cathyasmith says:

      No but please call us at 505-455-2819 to place an order. (10-5 mountain daylight time)
      Our stock varies daily- as everything is handmade!

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